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Video content:
Three things to get right

Online media drives how brands connect with audiences, and increasingly, video is at the heart of the mix. So what makes a great video? We stay true to these three things.

Be honest.
Honesty is essential in building brands people trust—even when it means showing where you’re vulnerable. For the Southcoast Health rebrand, Remedy crafted a compelling internal film comprised of patient interviews. Most offered glowing feedback, but some illuminated areas in need of improvement. The result enabled Southcoast employees to see their work with renewed clarity.

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Be real.
The best content is relevant and real, especially in healthcare. A series of social media videos we created for Rush takes a fresh approach to physician marketing, paring things down and letting their personalities come through. Woven together with simple copy and a strong dose of Rush green, the clips present Rush doctors as friendly, approachable—and real.

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Be resourceful.
Budget and time constraints are often a reality of video development. We always find a way. Our brand launch video for Evive was constructed entirely of inexpensive stock video clips and stock music, married with elegant typography and motion graphics. The magic comes in combing through countless clips to find the moments that feel spontaneous and on-brand. It takes a sharp eye…and lots of patience.

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