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Giving voice to mental health

Cultural attitudes toward mental health are shifting. The stigma is starting to dissolve, and with that, more Americans are seeking treatment for illnesses such as depression and addiction.

But for many, what follows is a long and arduous battle with their insurance company for treatment coverage. The Kennedy Forum helps consumers fight back. Founded in 2013 by Patrick J. Kennedy, the non-profit focuses on a singular purpose: working toward lasting change in the way behavioral health services are treated in the U.S. healthcare system.

The Kennedy Forum came to Remedy for help with a central challenge: while most health plans cover mental health and addiction treatment, many patients are denied coverage by their insurance companies. A national educational program was needed to inform consumers of their legal rights.


Strategy Summit


Program name

Visual identity

Messaging strategy

Social media

Poster series


Rosecrance: informational brochure addiction treatment

Rosecrance: facility banners

Rosecrance: logo design application

Remedy’s Strategy Summit brought together Kennedy Forum staff and behavioral health thought leaders at project onset to identify key social and legal issues.

Rosecrance: facility banners

Our work for the national consumer education program includes social media, a poster series, and collateral. The “Don’t deny me” graphic treatment is equal parts speech bubble and flag, giving voice to millions and evoking a movement.

Rosecrance: facility banners

The illustration style is approachable and friendly, and adaptive to an inclusive mix of human subjects.

Rosecrance: facility banners

Rosecrance: logo design application

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