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Lessons on health

Healthy Schools Campaign was gearing up to launch a flagship program to help teachers in Chicago Public Schools bring fitness and nutrition lessons into the classroom. Although the curriculum was ready, a name and visual language were needed.

Inspired by observational research conducted in classrooms across Chicago, Remedy christened the program “Fit to Learn” and created a portfolio of materials for teachers to use with students. The system included everything from training presentations and lesson plans to classroom posters and journals.

Feedback exceeded our highest expectations. Teachers found the program relevant and easy to use, students looked forward to daily lessons, and the work was featured in the 2011 Communication Arts Design Annual.


Ethnographic research

Stakeholder interviews


Program name

Content strategy

Visual expression

Training presentations


Poster series

Gear & apparel

Healthy Schools: brand logo design

Healthy Schools: brand poster design

Healthy Schools: brand information binder

Healthy Schools: brand information binder

Healthy Schools: website design

Healthy Schools: collateral

Healthy Schools: brand poster design

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