Benefits love

Ask someone to tell you about their benefits and chances are they won’t get too far. Most people don’t know the full value of the benefits available to them, or how to access them. Our client, Evive, fixes both.

Evive is changing how people use employee benefits, through a game-changing mix of predictive analytics, big data, and behavior nudges. What began 10 years ago as a brilliant start-up is today a leading player with annual double-digit growth. The Evive brand needed to catch up and reflect that.


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The journey began with research to surface insights into Evive’s target audience: HR executives at Fortune 1000s. Findings were shared at the Brand Summit: a daylong workshop at which we explored value proposition and the market ‘white space’ Evive could own. Together we arrived at a bold brand promise, which Remedy captured in a provocative new tagline: Benefits love.

In creating the new corporate identity, we drew inspiration from Evive’s vanguard technology platform. Remedy created a custom logotype that features transparent points of overlap; an homage to how Evive connects disparate benefits into a unified ecosystem. A palette of white, grey, yellow, and purple reflects the company’s unique ethos of technology innovation, optimism, and human centeredness.

The new website is the cornerstone of the Evive rebrand. Our approach to strategy, messaging, and design put forward a compelling new story about Evive, rising above the features-and-benefits standard fare from competitors. Instead, we emphasized the inherent value that benefits represent to employees and employers — and how Evive brings them both closer to it.

Simplifying the Evive story was a central objective of the brand repositioning. Remedy helped Evive create a new narrative strategy in which less is more. Case in point: this infographic captures Evive’s magic in five simple words.

The Impact section of the website brings to life Evive’s impressive ROI in clear, tangible terms. Remedy devised a succinct approach we dubbed ‘caselettes.’ Content was organized into relevant audience topics and presented in a highly scannable format.

“Remedy brings a sophisticated understanding of brand as an essential force for significant, sustained business growth. Their point of view doesn’t adhere to the status quo, and makes us think more creatively about the ways we grow our business.”

Michael Matascik
Vice president, Marketing

Remedy helped craft internal launch events for Evive employees in Chicago and Bangalore, India. Launch day was preceded by a series of teasers that included large-scale branded installations, email blasts, and desk drops. A larger-than-life word find invited hands-on engagement, and branded giveaways let employees wear their Evive pride.

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