Remedy is a branding and design consultancy focused on health, wellness, and social change.

We work with global leaders, technology innovators and vanguard non-profits to redefine how people think about and experience health.


Consumers to insurers:
Three words

More Americans are seeking mental health treatment than ever before. But for many, what follows is a battle with their insurance company. Our latest gives voice against this discrimination, starting with three empowering words.

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A bold rebrand for a
healthcare icon

When the opportunity came to help Chicago healthcare icon, Rush, relaunch its brand, we were humbled and giddy. We’ve just wrapped year one of our work with this storied leader, capped off with a major consumer launch campaign. And it’s just the beginning.

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Why love your people?
With us, it’s just cuz

Our clients know how we feel about the importance of strong internal brands. But what they don’t get to see is how that rolls at Remedy. Always down for practicing what we preach, our approach is guided by two words: “Just cuz.”

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The big deal about little nudges:
Unlocking behavior change

A nudge is a simple message designed to inspire action. To work, a nudge needs to be specific and timely—showing up in the right place at the right time. Technology and predictive analytics are bringing new potency to how nudges can be used in the health space, and companies like Google and Remedy client, Evive, are leading the way.

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Healthcare gets human:
The pendulum swings back

If our client base is any indication, healthcare is getting back in touch with its human side. Every Remedy engagement seems to anchor around a similar brief: remove the complexity and make things more human. For global leaders like IBM Watson Health, visionaries like the Illinois Medical District, and social champions including the Chicago Department of Public Health, our “Health needs help” mantra is more relevant than ever.

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Benefits love:

Ask someone to tell you about their benefits and chances are they won’t get too far. But that’s about to change. Evive is reframing how people use their employee benefits, through a game-changing mix of predictive analytics, big data, and behavior nudges. What began 10 years ago as a brilliant start-up is now a leading player with annual double-digit growth. Remedy helped Evive relaunch their brand to reflect that.

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From health, beauty follows:
Vein Clinics of America

As the nation’s first and largest network of vein disease treatment centers, Vein Clinics of America was for decades the unchallenged industry leader. Recently, however, the game had changed. Faced with an intensifying competitive landscape, VCA needed to rediscover its point of difference—and voice. Remedy helped VCA develop a bold new strategy to sharply differentiate from the cosmetic focus of the rest of the industry.

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The power of space:
Herman Miller

International design icon Herman Miller brings a human-centered perspective to everything it does. Over the course of a five-year partnership to reposition its global healthcare business, Remedy helped Herman Miller envision and lead an industry paradigm shift called the power of space: an approach that inspired healthcare executives to see and leverage their physical environment as a catalyst for better care, staff satisfaction, and patient loyalty.

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More than medicine:
Southcoast Health

Located about an hour outside of Boston, Southcoast is a community health system with a serious healthcare marketing challenge: competition from some of the country’s top medical centers. Through a comprehensive rebranding process that engaged the input of stakeholders from the C-suite and physicians to nurse leaders, marketing and facilities, Remedy’s new strategy married Southcoast’s exceptional clinical quality with its uniquely personal approach.

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Human understanding:
NRC Health

For 35 years, National Research Corporation has been a trusted research partner to tens of thousands of hospitals. To gear up for its next 35, NRC turned to Remedy to lead a rebranding strategy that would sharpen its point of difference amongst a growing competitive set. Together, we helped NRC rediscover its heritage as a patient-centered pioneer, and declare its unique ability to deliver something highly sought among healthcare providers today: human understanding.

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